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Anita Goodesign’s 10th Anniversary Embroidery Party!

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Click here for a preview video!

Don’t miss this exciting event!
2 Full Days of Sewing Fun!
Friday July 18th & Saturday July 19th

Where: Peace United Church of Christ, Rochester MN
When: July 18 & 19 at 9 am – 5 pm
Cost: $199 for both days! Includes all supplies and lunches!

Early Bird Discounted Price before June 30, 2014: $99!

Register at Kelleys Quality Sewing Center
(507) 288 – 9051
kelleysqualitysewingcenter @yahoo.com


Anita Goodesign Embroidery Workshop

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Come in and experience creative “In the Hoop” embroidery workshops which are approximately 2 hours long.  You will have fun embroidering in a group environment on embroidery machines furnished by KQSC.  Classes are offered on different days and times.  Saturday is convenient to attend the three (3) workshops.

Tue, Apr 8, 10:00 AM   “Seed Packet”  The design resembles an actual seed pack and can be placed on a stick to decorate plants or flowers,  or added to garments, bags, place-mat, etc.

Wed, Apr 9, 10:00 AM “Plaid Pillow” Makes a chic quillow.  Use 9 quilt blocks to make a patchwork pillow then attach the pillow to a fleece blanket.  This unique project makes a pillow and quilt into one — a quillow.

Fri, Apr 11, 2:00 PM    “Easter Pot Holder”  The pot holder is created by embroidering 2 different designs.  The first is the front of the potholder and the second is the back.  It’s fast and easy to stitch together and add binding using a sewing machine.

Sat, Apr 12, 10:00 AM  “Seed Packet”

Sat, Apr 12, 1:00 PM    “Plaid Pillow”

Sat, Apr 12, 3:00 PM  “Easter Pot Holder”

Mary Mulari’s Creative Sewing Workshop, Anita Goodesign Workshops, & Serger Savvy Retreat

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Join us for a day of sewing inspiration with Mary Mulari. She will be here in person to entertain and WOW you with her newest projects, books, and techniques. There are spaces available on Sat, March 29. Stop by or call Kelleys Quality Sewing Center, 507-288-9051, for details.

Have fun while learning new embroidery techniques at Anita Goodesign Workshops on April 8-12. Call Kelleys Quality Sewing Center, 507-288-9051, for times, dates, and project details.

Do not miss our 3 day serger retreat April 24,25,26th! If a serger intimidates you, this retreat is perfect for you. Discover all the time-saving techniques available and creative sewing fun! Stop by or call Kelleys Quality Sewing 1-507-288-9051.

Darlene Kelley

Look Ma – No Hands Quilting!

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Everybody can quilt using the Baby Lock Crown Jewel with the Pro Stitcher computerized quilting!

We’ve MOVED! now at Northwest Plaza (by Sam’s Club)

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We’ve moved! Kelleys Quality Sewing Center is now open to serve you in the Northwest Plaza near Sam’s Club. We have more space to make shopping more comfortable. We have doubled our yarn space and have added new yarn and knitting needles. Stop by soon to see the fun new colors.
Find a Koala cabinet show space. See and compare the beautiful Koala furniture (made in America) with a lifetime warranty.
Our service department is open 5 days a week and services all makes and models. We are the authorized Babylock and Janome service center for southern Minnesota.
Stop by and see the top rated Babylock and Janome sewing machines and sergers. We try to keep the prices at a great value and offer a discount when possible.
Every machine sold includes lessons and free maintenance the first year!
We want to be your sewing machine headquarters. Let us serve you!
See you soon!

Fall is Here!

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If we didn’t believe the seasons are about to change before last night, Mother Nature sure gave us a chilly reminder! 90 degrees on Monday and lows in the mid 40’s last night, we guess that Summer is about over! Our Class Schedule (see link to the right) is full of Fall and Christmas classes and projects, as well as some upcoming exciting events we are hosting. Please take a few moments – perhaps with a cup of something warm! – and look through our class offerings. We hope that you will find a few that you might like to try your hand at, maybe get a head start on your Christmas gifts. In any case, enjoy!!

That’s what it’s all about……….

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You put your left foot in —  you put your left foot out —  “you always thread your needle with your foot up.”  That just puts way too many fun images in my head.  I overheard this during Sewing Machine Lesson One that was held at the store on Saturday.  Remember the movie, “Karate Kid?”  He is standing on the fence with both arms and one leg up.  This is the picture I have in my head now every time I thread my machine.  I guess you could say my machine knows Karate — or maybe the better thing to take from this is that I am just a big kid!  If was so fun to see all of the students with their new machines learning how to use them. Hearing the ahh hahs as they find out just what their new baby can do is always fun. I did learn that lint sucks up your machine oil — so that is why it is so important to oil your machine every time you clean it.  I am sure I have heard that many times,  but Saturday seems to be the first time it actually sank in.

We are getting our fall newsletter ready for the presses.  We sure have some fun classes in the works for all of you. So get your machine out, get your foot up, clean out the lint and oil it all about —  so you are ready to see “Life is SEW fun”  cuz that’s what it’s all about.  <clap clap>     Donna K

This lil’ piggy went to market….

Posted in Techniques by kqsctalk on July 28, 2011

I taught a long-arm quilting class on Tuesday evening.  We had four class participants and everyone was running the machine like a pro by the end of the class. Everyone had a little different approach, some ran the machine slow, some fast, some from the front, some from the back, but every student was successful in creating a beautiful pattern on the quilt sandwich. The longer I sew the more I realize that sewing is so much more than doing something perfect.  Sewing is making a mistake and then continuing with the project anyway.  I used to think everything was so black and white — there was only one way to put in a zipper, finish a seam or topstitch a collar.  Now I am learning that it’s more about the way I like to do something.  I made a bag last weekend and didn’t follow the pattern guide when I sewed in the pockets.  I liked the way the pockets in my last bag were sewn in, so I did it that way. That’s more than just sewing,  that’s creating. When we give ourselves permission to go ‘off the pattern guide’ all kinds of fun stuff can happen. The prettiest quilt I ever made was something that happened because I cut the fabric wrong. When it was finished, I named the quilt “Happy Accident” and gave it to my dad for Christmas. He never knew there was a problem. My challenge to you is to “go off pattern guide.” You will never know creative you are until you push through a mistake and take it to the next level and create a Happy Accident!  Perception is everything.  Just ask the Lil’ Piggy who went to market.  I bet his life is SEW FUN.    Donna K.

For the birds…..

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A pair of barn swallows picked my deck to build a nest and raise their babies. I have had so much fun watching them.  I snuck the camera out my laundry room window to get this shot — they do fascinate me.  I look at the nest and wonder “How’d they do that?” to which my husband’s response would be, “one glob at a time.” It’s the same way with any kind of sewing project – we get it completed by sewing one seam at a time. I often times get so caught up in finishing a project that I forget to focus on enjoying the process. Watching these birds raise their young has reminded me to slow down and enjoy the process. We are so lucky to have  Kelley’s Quality Sewing available to us. It’s a place where we can go to focus on doing something fun for ourselves. What do you enjoy? What do you do for fun?  Stop in and see us.  We will help you recapture your excitement for sewing or introduce you to it for the first time.  I read somewhere that a friend is someone you call to bail you out of jail. A really good friend is behind bars with you saying “Wow, that was fun!”  Stop in and see us. We probably won’t land in jail, but we will definitely make you say, “Wow,  life SEW FUN.”    Donna K.

What’s in your wallet?

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I am pretty sure we have all seen the Capitol One commercial “What’s in your wallet?” So let me ask you, “What’s in your sewing room?” or even better — “What’s your most favorite thing in your sewing room?”  For me, this week I would have to say air conditioning, but since Kelley’s doesn’t sell or service HVAC equipment I will move on to my second favorite thing – my cutting table. I remember the days when I used to cut out everything on the floor,snagging the carpet with my scissor tips with each cut. Then I graduated up to one of those foldable cardboard cutting boards and I was in the big time. When I started making bridal gowns I purchased a real live cutting table – complete with self-healing board and life has not been the same since. There is something to be said for working on your projects in an upright position. I find that my cutting table is much like the kitchen table. It’s where all the action happens.  Every so often I have to dig it out to reveal the cutting surface but I honestly could not imagine sewing without it.  These tables, like technology, have really advanced over the years. There is one in the store that has a tape measure painted right on one of the edges.  Genius! I never can find a tape measure when I need one.  Our top of the line tables are sturdier, have better wheels, come equipped with electric machine lifts and fold to occupy minimal space, although I must admit I can’t even remember the last time mine was folded.  My table lives in the middle of the room where all the action is. My favorite table in the store right now is a KOALA combination cutting table and cabinet. I did not expect to like sewing at cutting table height, but it is wonderful. We even carry chairs to get you high. *wink*   Stop in for a test drive and let us help you find the right cutting table for your sewing space.  It will make your life SEW FUN. 

Donna K.

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